About Me

I was born in Preston, Lancashire to my parents Carol and David who were both hard working, helpful professionals. My mum was a Nurse and my dad was a Fireman. That’s probably where I get my urge to care from but not being a big fan of blood and vommit, nursing was not a career that would have suited me lol.

My real passion at school was art and when I left at the age of 16 I attended art college and Polytechnic, studying 3D Design including stained glass, glass blowing and ceramics and Art History. I absolutely loved being creative and still do 33 years later.

At the age of 18 I met my future husband. We got engaged and bought a house which meant I took on a full time job at our local Opticians as an Optical Assistant. I went on to study Optics at Bradford and qualified as a Dispensing Optician which would be my career for over 15 years. At the age of 21 we married and moved from Preston to Radcliffe, Greater Manchester and I took on a Management role at a huge high street chain of Opticians, managing two practices for a few years before leaving to do locum work, covering holiday and sickness for many different companies.

I had always struggled with migraines since being a teenager. I can remember my very first one. It happened during a maths lesson at Secondary school. I was looking at the blackboard and all of a sudden my vision was pixelated and I felt very sick. It wasn’t long before the pain kicked in and I was violently sick and light sensitive. My periods that started when I was 13 began to become very random, I experienced debilitating pelvic pain and horrendous mood swings, anxiety and depression as well as bad acne on my face and hair growth again on my face and body, in fact I had all of these PCOS symptoms and then some.

It took numerous visits to various GP’s, a referral to Bury General for a Pituitary Gland scan and countless blood tests before I was lucky enough in 1990 to find the amazing Dr David Polson, a Consultant Gynaecologist with over 30 years’ experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and a special interest in PCOS and finally get a diagnosis and treatment.

Fast forward a few years and after receiving Reiki from a friend I was hooked. Retraining and a career change followed and I added to my skillset as a therapist and tutor, specialising in fertility, chronic illness and stress management.

In 2013 I walked away from a 24 year marriage and my home, beginning a journey of self discovery and healing. We divorced and I went on to welcome a new partner and my beloved dog Rosie into my life and expanded my business. The rest, they say is history 😉

Take Time Out To Meditate Or Be Mindful

Take a break for just 5 minutes, right now! Find a comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and listen to this Tranquil Waterfall. Imagine you are bathing in it’s healing water, rebalancing, recharging and refreshing your energy.

Tranquil Waterfall